How are the lights packaged?
Disassembled chandeliers and lamps are packed in cardboard boxes. They are secured against mechanical damage.
Is it possible to assemble a light at home without professional help?
The light can be assembled according to the instructions enclosed with each package. The electrical installation must be connected by a trained person in accordance with local regulations.
What to do if any part of the crystal lamp is damaged?
You will certainly find original components for crystal chandeliers, wall lamps, standard or table lamps in your shop. Another option is to contact the Czech manufacturer's office in Nový Bor directly.
Are the lights supplied with the bulbs?
All chandeliers, wall lamps and luminaires are supplied without bulbs as standard, except for the use of special light sources. If on-site commission is part of the order, the bulbs may be part of the installation agreement.
It is possible to manufacture a crystal chandelier, lamp or wall light for the voltage of 110V?
Yes, all lights manufactured by our company are normally manufactured to the specifications of the final destination. Electrical equipment, including bulb sockets, varies depending on the country of destination.
Is it possible to adjust the dimensions of the chandelier or lamps, or change the design?
Yes, it is possible, our chandeliers are handmade and can be changed according to customer requirements, we are limited only by certain technological limits. It is always necessary to arrange with our dealers or directly in our office in Nový Bor, the Czech Republic.