Glass Metal Bohemia

Renovation, repairs and refurbishment of chandeliers and other lighting fixtures


 The firm is a  well-known Czech producer of chandeliers and lighting fixtures. It represents the highest world quality and tradition handmade production from Bohemia crystal, steel, brass and other non-ferrous metals, as well as manufacturing of gilded glassware combined with crystal hung-decorations made in combining of traditional manual skills and modern technology.

We keep in stock a lot of original parts used in the past to make chandeliers, and those we don't have, we are able to manufacture using the original technology.

Our team includes all the qualified professions necessary for processing glass, metal and all components for historical and modern chandeliers.

We are able to change the electrical installation in historical light fixtures so that it meets current requirements, while still matching the historical appearance.

We also manufacture period lamps and replicas based on preserved drawings, photographs or samples.

We are suppliers of parts for other companies that carry out maintenance, cleaning and other refurbishment of lighting fixtures.

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